Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Love For Bags..

Judging from anyone's blog you can tell what they mostly love.. and as you can tell by my blog title 'My Love For..' I write about everything I love but one thing I have a crazy obsession with are handbags. I literally cannot get enough of them, I have so many bags but there's always that one I am glued to for my 'everyday' bag. I mean everyone has one and I think it's nearly a comfort kinda thing? I loved my black patent Paul's Boutique bag my mam bought me for my birthday I have used it every single day since I've got it but unfortunately due to the bad quality these handbags are the bag is literally falling apart. Safe to say I am heartbroken I have to get rid of it! Nearly day by day something falls off or snaps.. Today I went shopping with my mam as she wanted to start her Christmas shopping we had a look in H&M and I noticed they got this gorgeous black handbag back in! The first time they came into the shop they were all sold out, my sister also went mad about it & we've had our eye on it everytime we walked into the shop. Today I walked by and had a look, and to my surprise my mam offered to buy it for me! I was over the moon because I hadn't got the money to invest in a new bag and I was thinking to myself just to stick to my fallen apart Paul's Boutique bag! I then copped on every single bag I own my mam has bought for me, in the past 3 years of me working I have never actually bought a bag? So weird. But my mam has great taste, I don't think she even realizes! 

Photo from My Instagram.

I love the shape of this bag because it's easier to find things, it is so annoying when your rooting through a bag everytime you look for your purse or phone. I prefer bags that have bought straps and handles because it's versatile. The zip on it is not stiff and it won't get caught in the material inside, seriously hate when that happens! It's good genuine material that seems like it will last long and not crack or rip. The gold studs is a bonus! I absolutely love anything with studs or spikes, it's biker/glamorous kind of style. The bag also comes in a really light cream colour with silver studs and zip but I prefer the black because it will go lovely with a biker jacket & knitted jumpers! Perfect for winter. Personally I think the cream colour would be nicer in the summer but that's just my opinion! With Christmas coming around handbags are a really good gift I love getting new bags & purses sure who doesn't? Eventually I will come around to doing a handbag collection and how I store them. Bags can take up a lot of room so I have sussed out a handy way of storing them so watch this space! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You Make Me Smile..

Just a quick little review on this gorgeous ligloss I picked up from H&M a few weeks ago. H&M have a big range of lipglosses so it's so hard to choose from all the colours they have on offer for such an amazing cheap prices. I have never been disappointed with a H&M lipgloss as the quality is amazing! I came across this a few weeks ago and fell in love with this colour, it was definitely eye-catching and I could not pass it by. It doesn't bother me about the packaging to much as it's the lipgloss I want to use, not too look at it! Although for 3.95 I wouldn't be expecting much. The colour is a gorgeous rich cherry. There is no glitter or shimmer added to it which makes it even better for me as I am not a big fan of it. The texture feels so nice on my lips too, it's not sticky but has a thick feeling. Although my expectations of a long-lasting 3.95 lipgloss was not very high, I am mean who would expect it to last all day/night? 
Re-applying liglosses during the day/night doesn't bother me that much either you're never going to find an amazing lipgloss that looks great throughout the whole day/night. I feel topping up lipglosses just makes it look more fresher than anything else. A good tip for lasting lipstick/lipgloss is applying a powder onto your lips. Overall, it's a gorgeous colour and I would recommend any H&M lipgloss.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Review: Clinique Liquid Facial Soap

I have been constantly on the look out for a good face wash as I haven't found the perfect one for my skin type. Awhile back my sister gave me this Clinique face wash because she picked the wrong one up and it did nothing for her skin whatsoever. It is a liquid formed substance which I thought was really weird when I first used it but massaging it into my face it became soapy and had a lathery feel to it. The only thing that was putting me of using this was that it is for oily skin and I would consider my skin to be drier than oily. I gave it a try and I mainly focused massaging it into my T-zone and cheeks as these parts are mostly oily. 

After washing it off my face felt so fresh and soft, I was very impressed. I suffer from bad blemishes on my cheeks, forehead and around my mouth. After two or three uses of this product my face looked so clear. Others had started to notice how fresher and healthier my skin looked. I am not too sure about how much this product cost as I didn't buy it myself but I would be pretty sure it is not cheap! The prices of Clinique would be my only downfall. They are expensive because of the good ingredients they use to make the products, so it is worth the price you are paying. Splashing out on a really high end product is worth it!

I would highly recommend this Clinique face wash and the brand itself! The price is way above my budget on what I would spend on facial products as I only work part - time, so each week I am going to put a bit of money by and save up for a Clinique moisturizer.
If you can't afford it either Christmas is just around the corner! They do great sets for great prices so why not save some money up or ask for it as a gift? Clinique will definitely be on my Christmas list this year! 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How I Fill In My Eyebrows

I was asked to do this post a long time ago so I've finally gotten around to doing it. I get a lot of compliments on my eyebrows (thanks to those!) but to me I don't think there the best, I'd my love eyebrows to be fuller, thicker and longer. I have been trying to grow them out and maintain them as well which can be a bit hard because I also want to give them a little shape. I always say to myself I'll go get my eyebrows waxed but thinking about it anytime I do I feel as if they're completely gone and it's like starting all over again regrowing them. So I just pluck away any stray hairs and try give them a nice shape.

I use Sleeks Eyebrow Kit which I ordered off first I got the dark and then I ordered the light. Today I'm using the dark. I use an eyebrow pencil from Rimmel too in dark brown, it's easy to give your brows a shape with this. As you can see in the photo the colours are quite similar although you can darken the brows more with the pencil.

Brush through your eyebrows first then pluck away all stray hairs before applying the wax. These kits come with small tweezers but I personally find them hard to use so I use Boots tweezers, they are brilliant I really recommend them! Using the angled brush you get in the kit apply the wax and follow the shape of your brow at the bottom and working your way up through the brow. Try not to put as much at the end of the brow as it can easily be seen you fill in your eyebrows! Using the blending brush apply the powder over the brow.

The Finished Look:

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Everyday Makeup #1

I love reading posts about everyday makeup tutorials, so I thought I'd start doing a few of my own. When first reading an everyday makeup tutorial you may think that person actually wears that exact same look everyday.. but no. I only see these posts written once or twice on blogs so I have decided to do a 7 day makeup look for those who can't think anything to change around their makeup everyday. It's hard but it's about trying out new looks and seeing what colours suit you best, I love wearing cream, brown, beige colours but I have always wanted to try a pink, salmon kind of colour. So as well as showing you all some looks.. I'm experimenting too! 
Tips to remember:
Don't be afraid to use a colour your not use to, it's good to try out things for a change and if you don't think it suits you or not comfortable wearing it.. have a face wipe at the ready! Always, always,always.. apply face moisturizer before applying makeup! 
Foundation can often look cakey when the skin isn't moisturizer and it is very noticable.
The key success in having flawless looking makeup is too look after your skin! Don't try cover up all that redness and blemishes look after your skin so you won't have that problem! 
The Steps:
Always use a base colour no matter what, something similar to your foundation, not too bright or pale. I used Ricepaper by Mac. It's by far my fave, most people opt for Brule but I feel its just too pale I can barely see it and I don't like that although I use it under my brows. I then applied Arena all over the lid lightly. Then lightly using a blending brush towards the brow with cork and blend really well. Using a smudge brush under the lower lashers apply a mix of arena and handwritten. Apply your eyeliner whatever way you want but I went for a little wing to make it a soft simple look. Using a contouring brush sweep a medium or dark bronzer across your cheeks and a highlighter above your cheek bone right underneath your eyes. 

Try a nude lipgloss or a light pink with this look. I tried out a cherry lipgloss I bought from H&M awhile ago but still not confident yet too pull it off as it's such a statement colour. I love statement lipsticks/lipglosses they can really pull a look together if you wear them right! But for the occasion I was going to I wore a nude Mac lipgloss as I wasn't going anywhere fancy!

The Finished Look: A Simple soft look, perfect for everyday! Any colours you'd like to see let me know & I'll pull a look together!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Hair..

I love changing around with my hair colour as I get bored with it so easily. I'm naturally brown but I feel as if the blonde suits me better. I've dyed my hair back brown a few times before but I was never really happy with it! For a good while now I've been dying my own hair with a proper peroxide bleach I got from a wholesalers but now coming into 
the winter I wanted something more tonned down. My hair was so bright, nice at first but often blonde colours can go very yellowy and not look as healthy. My layers had grown out and so did my fringe so my hair was pretty boring and flat which I hate because I love lots of volume! So I searched for a good hairdressers that had good prices and stylists.
I decided to get highlights and lowlights as they suited me before. I also planned on getting my choppy layers back in. My hair still had some shape in it so it just needed to be styled. I wanted to get two blondes to a brown because I didn't want to go to dark. 
I had a great experience in the hairdressers that I'd never been to before and very happy with how my hair turned out! My hair is short but i love wearing extensions so it was the next to do thing on my list after I had my hair done. there is truly no better feeling coming out of a hairdressers with having exactly what you wanted/ had in mine done!

What have been your good/bad experiences?! 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

What I Wore To Work.

I bought these jeans, never tried them on, brought them back and then I went to the shopping centre with my sister & showed her them. And then I bought again. Yes, I'm crazy! Now I'm delighted I re-bought them! They are soo comfy. I didn't think I'd have anything to go with them but you'd be surprised the amount of stuff they go with. I love statement jeans and leggings they really bring an outfit together! It was gorgeous out yesterday but a bit breezy so I always take advantage of wearing an outfit that I hate wearing cardigans with because sometimes they drag the look down so I didn't have to wear a jacket or cardigan.. happy me! I wore flat brown sandals with brown & blue jewels on them which matches really well with the long necklace.
I constantly wear my hair down with extensions and I'm really getting bored with it so I messed around with my parting and done a middle, back combed my hair and clipped it up. A change is good! ;)


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Latest Trends - Studs

Personally, I think my fashion sense has completely changed since I've started in my new job and mostly down to buying so much too! I have a new serious addiction to buying clothes it's not even healthy! My wardrobe is caving in with so much stuff I've to do a clear out nearly twice a week it's crazy but from a little help from my sister sorted it out and I can definitely see my clothes better woo! I've always loved fashion and reading fashion magazines, blogs etc., but have never really made a proper effort with myself in matching clothes. I'm stuck in a rut of buying plain clothes, basically I'm getting bored with my own style and I want to tweek it up a little! Make it more fun and polished looking. I so envy all you fashion bloggers who post flawless outfits ( very jealous:( )

 So instead of wishing and saying 'I must buy that' 'I have to get that outfit' I'm just going to get out of my comfort zone and try different style until I find the best one that suits me and that I feel most comfortable in. I'm absolutely loving the 'stud trend' and these few things I picked up I love! I've had my eye on these shoes ages now, I'm always walking by things saying 'i love this' 'i'll get it again' So my next trip into Penneys I said to myself 'I'll get them now because if I don't I'll come in again, they'll be gone & I'll be raging! Mostly I go for rounded shaped flat shoes so again going out of my comfort zone getting these pointy ones! They feel a bit not me when I tried them on but then fell in love with them!

When this denim shirt caught my eye I could not walk past it, it was a must have! I mean it's denim?! Which is another huge hit for this Autumn.. and studs? All I can say is i love it! I love the soft fabric that it is, and the dark washed out look. Perfect for wearing in the Winter to college with a long sleeve top, black leggings & my black patent doc martens.  You can never go wrong with a denim shirt, they are always in fashion and a big must have in your wardrobe. I would highly advise to get them now as they go very quick!

These black leggings are my fave! I love the different shapes of the studs and that they're gold and silver so I'm stuck with a silver or gold. I paired these up with a black top gold jewellry and gold heels when I went for a few drinks with my family at the weekend. Raging I didn't take any photo's because it was really nice outfit and I will definitely wear it again, when I will I'll be sure to take some photo's. They can also be worn casual to which I love. Again, great for Autumn and Winter!

Top Tips- I have been saying this to all customers in work.. get all your basics in for the Autumn & Winter now! They're always harder to find through the winter and all the nicer clothes are coming into the shops now. The likes of coats, boots, cardigans, everything! I have already started and next I'll be buying my basic long cardigans! 


Thursday, August 16, 2012

What I wore yesterday.

Yesterday I had a chilled out day, got my nails done and that was it.
It was also miserable so I wanted to wear something comfy, usually I would go for converse and cotton bottoms but I opted for this look as I had to step out of the house for a bit. Usually I wear tan but I'm slowly trying
not to wear it nearly everyday so I'm a bit on the pale side in these photo's...

I do apologize for the crappy photo's bad timing of the day to get good photo's, so I'll try my best to do them earlier for better light,etc.. I absolutely love this jumper it's so soft and comfortable to wear I don't really like wearing tops or jumpers that come up to my neck that far but because the jumper is soft it doesn't bother me.
My fave bit is the back, I love how it's cut at the back and the long back and short front.
For makeup I wore light foundation, contoured, lipgloss & winged eyeliner.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Daze..

Please excuse my crappy photo, I usually try take quick snaps while I'm rushing out the door and when I'm using my camera it takes a few tries adjusting settings and that so my phone did the trick this day! I finally had a Friday off work and my luck it was a gorgeous day out.. so nice we ended up in a beer garden enjoying a few drinks with my boyfriend & his friends. A few drinks taste so so good after a long shift from the day before. I was also pleased as I got a second wear out of my maxi dress which I love. I got it from New Look at the start of the summer hoping I'd get some wear out of it this summer.. in Ireland our summer is 5 days of sun I try and get a few really nice outfits for these 5 days of summer! I think it cost me around 30 euro which was cheap & cheerful, I'm always looking for a good bargain. 

I don't like wearing too much tan and make up when it's warm out because I just feel really uncomfortable and feel as If it's wearing off me! So I opted for a light tan and tiny bit of Mac Nc37 studio fix fluid foundation. Your probably thinking well that's a pretty dark enough foundation, and I know it is but depends on how much you apply. I just love Mac foundations because it gives me great coverage and it works best with my skin type especially on warm days. Although I have mentioned Rimmel Wake Me Up, I just don't think it would have been great to use that day.

Although summer 2012 is coming to an end I'm hoping we'll catch more rays of sun over here to get the last bit of wear of my summer clothes that I haven't even worn yet. Fingers crossed the sun comes out when I'm on my holidays from work! So need a weeks break before reality kicks in and I'm off to college no more lie on's for me!

And last but not least.. great news my sister has finally gotten herself a blog woo! My sister is a big inspiration to me and I am delighted she has joined the blogging world. She's the one who actually introduced me to blogger and showed me some amazing blogs which led me to writing my own. I knew one day she would start her own so please check out her great blog at 


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I've been up to?!

I can't believe it's actually been two whole months since the last time I've been blogging!
I have been super busy the past two months because I started a new job in H&M which I absolutely love, I have been very happy since I've changed jobs. I'm doing lots of extra hours so I never gotten a chance to take some time out for my little space on the web. 
Since the summer is nearly ending I've realised I will have more time now for my blog, I'll think of it as something I have to do a few times during the week. I really want to make it more interesting and fun to read and try write more things as I've been looking over my blog and personally it needs a little kick, not sure what exactly but I'll think of something.
 So, what have i been up to all this time? Well..
I've basically bought a whole new wardrobe that I'm looking forward to showing you all,
it was my niece's 4th birthday on the 2nd of July (can't believe how fast she's growing up!) I've had a few well deserved nights out from my long shifts i do in work everyweek.. I treated myself to Hairspray extensions which I'm currently loving but thinking of getting micro bead extensions soon?! If anyone has any experiences please let me know what you think of them! My 19th birthday was two weeks ago, I got spoiled rotten my amazing boyfriend brought my over to Eddie Rockets (yum!) I treated myself to the iPhone 4s so if anyone is on instagram leave a comment with your username :) 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

There has been so much hype about this foundation in the blogger world and Youtube so I had to get it! Since I started using Mac foundation I couldn't go back to any other cheaper foundation as the coverage was great but I read a review (can't remember whose it was) but they also mentioned they use Mac all the time and when they bought this they were really pleased with it! From reading that I had to go get it. I've been on the look out for a really good foundation I could wear everyday and save my Mac for occasions and when I'm heading out on a night out. It was a bit tricky trying to find a shade that I liked because I love wearing tan everyday( not too dark ) but natural so I wanted it to match up. It's a thick foundation which I love, I hate any foundation that's a watery texture as it feels too oily. I choose True Nude 303 in the photo above you can notice there is a big difference but the shade I choose is a good one for everyday type of makeup looks. 

Left- Mac
Right - Rimmel.

I have to say though, I think people went a little bit over the top with this foundation. Most reviews I read made it out to be exactly like a Mac foundation with brilliant coverage ( that made me really want to buy it! ) But personally, if your looking for medium coverage you need to apply an extra bit to get full coverage. Having said that, I do agree that it is a good foundation there's a hint of shimmer which I was a bit worried about because I hate foundations with a shimmer in it but once applied you can't even notice it! The smell of the foundation reminds me of the other Rimmel foundation with the pink lid, anyone know that one? I use to use it but can't remember what its called!Overall, it is a good foundation for just 10 euro, it's perfect for what I need and I do recommend it to anyone who is looking for a nice everyday foundation.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Just a little update..

Yesterday was my last day working in Pavers as I've got a new job in H&M which I'm really excited about! I was delighted to find these gorgeous flowers and lovely card waiting for me in the job from the girls. I absolutely love them, very girly (like myself!) I start work in H&M this Thursday, it will be my induction day. H&M has always been my favourite shop, I love the clothes they're such great quality for the cheap price! When I applied for the job online I didn't even think I'd get a call but fortunately I did and I was extremely happy. So after a phone interview and a round of two interviews I was offered the job. I don't do a lot of shopping hauls and ones which I did you would have already seen I buy my clothes from H&M so expect more hauls and outfit posts. Hope you all had a lovely weekend! 

Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation review post coming tomorrow!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gosh Trio Eye Shadow

Without Flash..

With Flash..

I have never seen any posts about Gosh products so I wanted to a post myself and hear everyone else's opinions on these products. When deciding I was going to try out Gosh makeup I went for the eyeshadow to see how well it blended and stayed on without going cakey. What really caught my eye about these eyeshadows was the gold. I love gold eyeshadows, especially ones that stand out. All three colours have a shimmer to it and so   I wouldn't wear them together, reason being it never turns out well in photo's. I always wear three matte colours & one shimmer colour. I like to wear the gold colour with chocolate brown matte eyeshadows as it blends really well with them. Now grey isn't a colour I actually wear because I don't think it suits me at all! But this one blends out really nice and it isn't all that glittery & shimmery! For the white base colour, again I never really wear white eyeshadows because I wear a dark foundation I think it looks ridiculous on me, I prefer cream bases, but I like to blend this with a yellowy base to add a bit of sparkle! Overall, they are lovely colours & blend really well but I'd always make sure I apply primer before wearing them (as always). 

Ps. I have changed my blog name & url
also.. check out my Poll on the right hand side of my blog x

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

St.Tropez Taster Collection

I've never tried St.Tropez products before so I was delighted when I got this little collection. I have heard great things about St.Tropez tan so I was dying to try it out. The collection includes body polish, bronzing lotion and body moisturiser. I did a little tester on my hand and I have to say my skin was left so soft and it smelled gorgeous!
The tan itself, hasn't got a pleasant smell although the body polish & body moisturiser do take away that weird smell!

The body polish has a beady texture, you apply this to get rid of any dry patches. I love the smell and the creamy, beady texture gives you lovely soft skin. It's very important to exfoliate, especially before you apply tan. You don't want dry skin/patches showing!  You need to keep your skin well hydrated.

Next step is to apply the bronzing lotion now it does look pretty dark but once blended in it's lighter, Don't rub the tan into your skin. Take great care and do it slowly so you get don't get an uneven looking tan. There is nothing worse than an uneven looking tan & trying to scrub it off! 

The body moisturiser is thick which I love because any thick moisturiser drys in seconds and it's great if you have dry patches. I love trying out different body moisturisers and this definitely is one of my fave. 

Exfoliating and moisturising is so important (and also using a tan that suits your skin!)  I always make sure I exfoliate once a week and moisturise everyday. Skin looks so much healthier and it gives a polished look. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Hey girls! Hope you had a lovely weekend. I haven't been able to do any posts since Tuesday unfortunately as I've been very busy, anyway, I'm back in swing and have lots of exciting posts coming. I would really love to hear from all my lovely readers on what type of posts you like to read? Recently, I have been addicted to reading week in photo's & outfit posts and I've been thinking of starting posts about my weeks and more on outfits. I would love to hear your thoughts so feel free to comment. I'm brutal when it comes to trying to take proper pictures of outfits and editing so I would really appreciate if anyone has suggestions or whatever. So for the time being bare with my crapy photo's until I find a better way! 

Since I've got a lot of lovely comments about my converse in my other posts I decided to outfit posts about my converse! This is what I'm wearing today, it's so comfy & casual. I love wearing blazers with converse I think it makes the outfit look real edgy but also trendy. Adding a scarf or jewellery to your outfits brings it all together. I decided to go with the scarf today as it's pretty cold and raining all day :( So please comment or send an email ( check in contact ) on posts you love to read most or what you'd like to see in my blog. It's much appreciated! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh I love suprises..

First of all I just want to say a  big thanks to all my lovely readers who have followed my blog! I've reached 100 followers which I'm excited about, I'm so happy you all enjoy reading it! I've been having such horrible days lately and feeling really down. But today my mam surprised me with this big beautiful BT2 bag! I was very excited and shocked. It was suppose to be for my birthday but she decided to give it to me now! 

You either love or hate Paul's Boutique bags & I'm one of those who love them! I think the reason most people don't like them is because there are so many people with them but then again you'll find more people wearing the same Penneys blouse as you then having a Pauls Boutique bag.. well that is my personal thought on it! I have had my eye on this shape bag for so long now, I love the shape, short handles & studs. 

I love that the charms are black & white, I love the bows,hearts and pearls it goes so well. A lot of the charms on the bags can be very colourful, but I love how this is neutral. It makes the bag look smart and sophisticated and well look really well with a skinny jeans & heels! I am thrilled with my lovely surprise, I'm so so lucky!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Review: Barry M Lipstick

Hey ladies! hope everyone is well today. Today I'm showing you all my Barry M lipstick. I've had this awhile now & I have never worn it but today while I was looking through my lipsticks I thought I'd give it another try. I actually love it! It's a matte lipstick, very pink & girly. One layer of this on your lips gives a nice suttle pink but layering it on it really stands out. I always tend to go for nudes and softer pinks, nothing this dramatic. 

I got this in Boots awhile back, I can't remember how much it exactly was but I know that it wasn't dear. Barry M products are really good, I love the colours of the range of lipsticks & the dazzle dust! The number of this lipstick is 146. I picked this up thinking it was a different colour as it was obviously was put under the wrong tester but I'm really pleased with it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I fell in love with a pair of converse..

Hey ladies! Hope everyone is well today. Yes, I fell in love with these beauts! I have waited long enough for these they deserve a post! Anytime I went into the shop to get them either they had my size & I had no money or I had money & they didn't have my size. My boyfriend also tried to get me these at Christmas but because I'm a size 3 they were gone. I went into the shop to get them for the third time and guess what?! They hadn't got my size, but fortunately another shop had them and I ordered them. But then I had to wait like 3 or 4 days til they arrived into the shop which was pretty long waiting considering my little ordeal! So when I brought them home I was so so happy. Although I thought I had no idea what to wear with these, there's actually tonnes of stuff in my wardrobe that would go well with them. I love wearing them with shorts & blazers for an edgy type of look which I will post about soon! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hairstyle: Messy Side Bun

Hi everyone, hope you all had a lovely Easter Weekend. I sure had a crazy long weekend. Today I will show you my hairstyle on Easter Sunday. In my Penneys/Primark Haul I did awhile back I mentioned I bought a bun and had no idea on how to actually put it into my hair but after messing around with it I finally sussed it out! 

What you need:
Bun holder 
Two bobbins
Pack of clips

Step one: Back comb your hair and tie your hair into a pony tail where ever you want to place your bun. I decided to a side bun so I tied my hair into a side pony tail.

Step two: Next take the bun and pull your hair through it. Now spread your hair around the bun making sure your hair completely covers it! Take a bobbin and place it over the bun making sure its securing your hair.

Step three: Depending on the length of your hair you will have extra bits of hair sticking outwards at your head. Now twist those extra bits of hair where you put your pony tail, basically hiding those bits by cliping them. Spray with hairspray.

If you prefer having your hair pinned right back leave out the back combing and comb your hair so that it looks sleek and there are no bumps,lumps and strands of hair sticking out!
My hair is very thick and I also wore my extensions because my own hair is too short too fit around the bun.

The finished look:

Here you can properly see my back combing, I created a little bump on the top and my messy side bun with strands of hair out. This look only took me 10 minutes to do, it's easy & simple and I will definitely wear my hair like this again!

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