Saturday, June 10, 2017

My Top 10 Favourite Makeup Brushes

Happy Saturday everyone! I'm back today with my Top 10 Favourite Makeup Brushes. I have so many brushes that I absolutely love to use so it was very hard to narrow it down for this post. I tend to switch my brushes up every so often but these are the brushes I use mostly everyday. Yes, I wear makeup everyday! I am 'one of those' who can't set foot out the door without having my makeup done! Makeup just gives me so much more confidence and to be quite honest with you.. it is my favourite part of getting ready. I love trying out new makeup brushes and new makeup products even if I'm lounging around the house I will get my makeup out and try out new looks. As you can see from the photos they are mostly Zoeva brushes. These brushes are the best I have ever used, no exaggeration. They still feel so soft. I have these about two years and they are still in such good condition. The brushes wash like brand new and stay unbelievably soft after each wash. The hairs don't fray either after washing them. Bare in mind I have used some of these brushes hence the makeup on them. I usually wash my makeup brushes around 3 times a week depending on how dirty they get. Inbetween these days I use surgical spirits to get rid of any excess makeup on them. I get it in Boots and pour it into spray bottles, it lasts ages too and it isn't expensive. 

112 Face Curve: So recently I have been using this brush again to apply my foundation. I usually use a beauty blender or buffer type of brush but I decided to use this as my other brushes have seen better days. I wouldn't be a big fan of these brushes for applying foundation because I hated the lines they would leave. Luckily with this brush I don't have that problem! The curved brush makes it super easy to apply the eyes and nose and it applies it flawlessly! If you haven't used this brush before you need to purchase it! It costs €15.50

129 Luxe Fan: This brush is amazing and super handy to have as you can use it for many things. It can be used to apply blush, highlighter and to remove any fallen eyeshadow from your face. It's great brush for wanting a more natural look or if you have a highlighter that is very pigmented and you don't want to pick up too much of the product on your brush this is ideal! Again the hair doesn't fray whatsoever. It retails at €13.50

109 Face Paint: I love to use this brush when I'm applying stick foundations for my contouring. The brush size is perfect for applying the stick foundation under my cheek bones, around my forehead and my nose. It's a great brush to have if you tend to struggle with contouring, it is so easy to use! This brush costs €15.50

224 Defined Crease: This brush is perfect for any detailed look. It is super light which makes it easy to blend in the crease or outer corners of the eye. It's perfect for anyone who has a small shape eye like myself. I tend to use this brush for blending out my eyeliner to give a softer look. It costs €10.50

230 Luxe Pencil: These brushes are just a must have in everyones makeup kit! Again its great for any detailed eye look, for smudging eyeshadow underneath the lash line and to highlight the inner corner of the eye. It costs €10.50

237 Detail Shader: This is another good brush for highlighting the inner corner of your eye. It is also good for highlighting undearneath the brow and for carving out your eye shape for a cut crease! It costs €10.50

228 Luxe Crease: I use this brush everytime I do my makeup. It is perfect for contouring your eye and blending out any harsh line. It is super soft and fluffy. I don't think I will ever part from this brush! It costs €10.50

Real Techniques Smudge Brush: This is my favourite brush to use when I want a smokey eye. It's great for smudging out eyeliner underneath the eye to get rid of any lines between the eyeliner and eyeshadow. It gives such a flawless look. I did get this brush in a set of 4. It can be purchased on Cloud10Beauty in a set along with another brush for €10.95 I'm sure it's available in Boots also!

234 Luxe Smoky Shader: Another brush I don't think I could ever part from! I always use this to apply eyeshadow to my lid because it gives a gorgeous soft look. It can also be used for under your lash lines for a smoky look. It costs €10.50

231 Luxe Petit Crease: This is a great brush for giving definition to your eye, for applying a transition shade and for highlighting. It costs €10.50

I got these Zoeva brushes in the Rose Gold Complete Eye Set Vol.1 that came with other brushes too. But they can all be purchased seperately on the Zoeva website or on These are the best brushes I have ever used, the quality of them are just amazing and at such a reasonable & affordable price. Go check out the Zoeva website as they have some tutorials on their brushes which makes it easier to decide on which to buy! It has been well overdue since I've bought new makeup brushes so I plan on ordering more when pay day arrives! Have you used any of these brushes before? Have any favourites? Let me know! x

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Daytime Smokey Eye

Since my last post was a much more heavy night time smokey eye I decided to do a more day time look. To be quite honest I don't have an exact everyday look that I wear all the time. I do wear eyeshadow most days but not the same look, it really depends on my mood and what I'm wearing! So this is the look I wore on Sunday, it's super easy to do and it's a wearable brown smokey eye for the day time. I have kept it quite light on the skin too with my contour and highlighter. The sun had made an appearance so I didn't need much as the light would pick up on it. For this look I used different products than in my last post! If you would like to know how I achieved this look it is all listed below. In this post I'm going to go into more detail on how I used the products. Enjoy!

Face: I used the Flormar Illuminating primer. As my foundation I used Shade 4 from the SoSue Contour Kit. To conceal I used Shade 1 from the same palette. To apply my foundation & concealer I used a beauty blender in patting motions. To set my foundation & concealer I used Flormar loose setting powder. To contour my face I used Inglot pressed powder in 63. This is my absolute favourite at the moment! I then used Mac Matte bronzer. For my highlight I used the SoSu Highlight Kit in Unicorn Dust just above my bronzer. The blush I used was Mac Modern Manderin its a nice orange/peach tone and is perfect for summer as it is nice and bright! 

Eyes: As always I prime my eyelids with Urban Decay primer potion in the original shade. To set the primer I used Mac Brule eyeshadow. I used both Inglot eyeshadow 300 & Mac Uninterupted as my transition shade, I blended these eyeshadows slightly above the crease and underneath my eye. For my lid I pressed Espresso by Mac, I then used Mac Handwritten into the crease to blend this colour getting rid of any harsh lines. I applied my eyeliner next using my absolute favourite Inglot gel liner in 77. I wanted to blend my eyeliner into my eyeshadow to give it a softer look so I used Inglot eyeshadow 63 just on the outer corner of the eyeliner and blended it slightly. I then applied each stage again of my eyeshadow and blended out any harsh lines and repeated these colours underneath my eyes. I used NYX Jumbo eyeliner pencil in Milk in the waterline. This is a great trick for making your eyes appear bigger and it's perfect for during the day instead of using a black liner. The mascara I used was Rimmel Flash Mascara. I'm running low on my stock of lashes so I haven't applied any for this look!

Eyebrows: I wanted to give these their own seperate paragraph as the above section was getting a little long & I don't want to bore you all with my lenghty description of my makeup! Anyways, I've been using Inglot brow gel in Shade 15 for my eyebrows. I have been using this for awhile now, I do love the shade that it is but I will purchase shade 16 which is a cooler & dark shade for the areas where I don't have much eyebrow hair (due to overplucking in my teenage years!). I defined my brows a bit more by using a dark brown eyeshadow, mostly the end of my brow. 

Lips:  The lipliner I used is the one I  wear mostly everyday it works well with so many lipsticks and lipglosses and that is the famously Spice lipliner by Mac. If you don't have this in your makeupbag.. where have you been?! The lipstick I wore is another one of my favourites Faux by Mac. I actually bought this lipstick in the airport last year heading to Nerja for my sisters wedding. I have seen people wearing it all the time and it was just one of those I never got around to buying. I wore this the day of my sisters wedding, the colour went perfect with the colour of the bridesmaid dress! 

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